Get Big W/ Big Chicken

Big Chicken is set to open Monday, October 17th in the River Oaks Shopping Center in Valencia next to Five Below and Target.


Get Big W/ Big Chicken

That’s right, folks. Another fast-casual chicken restaurant is opening here in SCV. This one just happens to be founded by Shaquille O’Neill.

We have high hopes for Big Chicken. Their NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken is free of preservatives and humanely raised without cages, hormones, or antibiotics. The popcorn chicken and Uncle Jerome’s sandwich are at the top of my list. The Big & Sloppy sandwich has mac & cheese, crispy fried onions, and roasted garlic bbq aioli. Omg….

If that sounds like too much, don’t worry; Big Chicken offers grilled chicken as well.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it’s Sunday and Chick-fil-A is closed, but Big Chicken is open!