$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳

$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳

$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳

Listen, we’re all on a budget but we still want to take our boo out somewhere nice!


$25 Date Idea in Canyon Country 🧺👩‍🍳

Here is a $25 date idea in Canyon Country that supports local businesses and wildlife…

To prepare, pack your car with a picnic blanket and some water and wear comfortable, cool clothes. Then, you head down Soledad to 16507 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91387, and visit two relatively new local family businesses, Beets & Berries and Anna’s Armenian Bakery. Head into Beets & Berries, say hi to the juicing legends, Susu and Ryan, and put in your order for two 16-ounce smoothies or juices. They hand-squeeze dozens and dozens of various fruits and vegetables a day to ensure your smoothie is made with fresh juice, not store-bought juice with added sugar and preservatives. Two 16 oz. smoothies or juices at Beets & Berries come out to $13.98 plus tax. I order the Green Goodness smoothie with almond milk and add mango or the Pineapple Mango smoothie. They put in such a hearty serving of real fruit and vegetables, the quality is unmatched compared to other popular (and more expensive) smoothie options!

While Susu and Ryan prepare your juices, head right next door to Anna’s Armenian Bakery. Say hi to the gorgeous Anna herself and pick from an array of delicious Armenian freshly-baked goods, all for under $5. I can’t believe I ever lived in Canyon Country without Anna’s lahmajune. This savory and flaky dough is covered with the finest minced beef vegetables and an array of perfectly aromatic spices for only $2.25. Y’all… I didn’t know deals still existed like this in 2022. I also recommend the spicy cheese borek. Fresh, plush dough stuffed with spicy mozzarella cheese, onions, and parsley for $3.50. Don’t forget the cheese rolls. These light and fluffy treats are stuffed with cream cheese and topped with sugar for $2.50, and they are 100000% better than Porto’s cheese rolls. A lahmajune, borek, and cheese roll came out to $8.25 plus tax.

Head back into Beets & Berries to pick up your smoothies and take your Armenian treats with you down Sand Canyon to Placerita. Have a nice drive down Placerita Canyon and find Placerita Canyon State Park. Take your food and find a nice bench to sit on and enjoy the bird songs and beautiful nature. Talk about how you can’t believe you’ve never tried lahmajune before and watch how gorgeous your significant other looks in the light of Placerita. After you eat, maybe head into the Nature Center and say hi to my friend, Agent, the red-tailed hawk. Or you can go see the Oak of the Golden Dream, where gold was first discovered in California. Try a hike if you guys are up for it!

Let us know if you try this date suggestion and how it goes. Tell them Loreal from WhatsUpSCV sent you. You’ll be sure to impress your S/O with these recommendations.

By Loreal Renee

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