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Meet The People Behind What’s Up SCV

Find out What’s up in Santa Clarita! From events, breaking news, local city updates and where to go to save a buck or two! Take advantage of our many free exclusive promotions from small businesses and restaurants by just mentioning @whatsupscv

Joe Turk


Favorite Show: Shark Tank

Favorite Band: Atmosphere

Life Theme Song: Avril Lavigne – What the hell (on a 10 hour YouTube loop)


Victor Pena


Favorite Show: Billions

Favorite Band: Free Nationals

Life Theme Song: Bubblin Anderson Paak


Anthony Garcia

Media Director

Favorite Show: Anthony Garcia

Favorite Band: The Office

Life Theme Song: The Home Depot Theme Song


Anthony Melleka


Favorite Show: Favorite

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Life Theme Song: Where I belong – Rexx life raj


AJ Apone


Favorite Show: Friends

Favorite Band: Thrice

Life Theme Song: The saga begins – weird al


Lindsey Arellano

Website Design

Favorite Show: Stranger Things

Favorite Band: Taylor Swift

Life Theme Song: Andy Grammer 85


Joey Fernandez


Favorite Show: Peaky Blinders

Favorite Band: Is drake considered a band?

Life Theme Song: Sunday Best


Jeremiah Chow

Video Production

Favorite Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Band: Too many to choose from 

Life Theme Song: Just another day by Too $hort


I love working with everyone from What's Up SCV, they really make everything easy for a small business owner.

– Ali S.