Next What the Bottomless Brunch Event on Sep. 18th!

POV: It’s Sunday morning, September 18th, and you’re getting ready to go get lit and loaded at Hart & Main for Bottomless Brunch.


Next What the Bottomless Brunch Event on Sep. 18th!

Your ticket includes an entree, sides, bottomless mimosas and micheladas, and vendor tickets. You heard vendors include paletas and desserts. You look in the mirror and fix your hair. You know there’s a dance floor and a DJ, so you put extra styling crème in your hair and deodorant on your underarms. You have on your Sunday brunch finest and you’re truly feeling yourself. You mention to your significant other, “I’m so glad SCV has exciting events like this now. Let’s go get our brunch on!”

You make your way to Hart & Main and are greeted with a full bar, amazing interior design, and unmatched vibes. You’re about to get a Bottomless Brunch experience of champions.

We have tickets available for our next What the Bottomless event on Sunday, Sep. 18th available now! Get your tickets soon because we expect this event to sell out as quickly as it did last time!

By Loreal Renee