SCV History: Nike Base 94

From 1955 to 1958, the Los Pinetos NIKE installation was a crucial part of the Los Angeles Defense Area.


SCV History: Nike Base 94

This was in the height of McCarthyism, in the early days of the Cold War, and the United States prepared for the worst case scenario with numerous missile bases. There are Nike launch sites around California but the location in Newhall is distinct because the launch, administrative, and battery control facilities are all located at Los Pinetos. This is an uncommon feature because the battery control facilities were typically situated in a location far from the other facilities. The base in Newhall offers a striking visual portrayal of an operational Nike site.

Citizens of Santa Clarita have been exploring this historical landmark for decades, and the hike and view have become a staple hang-out spot for those who know how to find it. The gorgeous geographical setting with the rich history makes for a fine place to post up and watch the stars.

By Loreal Renee